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Better understanding of Advertising

Online Advertisement Formats

Here are some of the frequently use formats of online advertisement. Mainly you can find these types of advertisements on popular websites as advertiser tries to get good audience or response from there. This advertisement helps the website in getting revenue and now days some of most popular website have good revenue from websites like google, yahoo, facebook.

·          Text Advertisements
·          Pop-Up Advertisements
·          Interstitial Advertisements
·          Flash / DHTML Advertisements
·          Display Advertisements

These types of advertising services are mainly provided by online advertising agency. People are spending good revenue on online marketing to get good reputation on internet. Good companies understand the brand name importance and spending good amount to keep the good reputation online.



What is Advertising Agency?

Advertising agency is a company or firm which provides services of advertising. Generally these firms are B2B and provide business to business services.  So we can define advertising agency as a firm which provide advertising services to other business companies.


Advertising agencies are helpful in sell services or products as they advertisement client’s business services on different mediums. Advertisement medium is the life line of advertising campaign and so selection of right medium is very important.

Professional Advertising Agency

There are lots of advertising agencies working in this sector locally and internationally and you will have to make sure that you choose a company which offers both services. Don’t panic if there is not much response and things don’t work out for you, all companies are not good some are exceptionally competent while others are not. You will have to do lot of research before asking someone to advertise for you, you have some idea about some of best if don’t then as your social network, friends, professional contacts, or start hunting at your own by internet or for locally in yellow pages.

You need an efficient and professional advertising agency in order to successfully advertise your product or service locally and internationally. If you are hiring for local advertising then it is better to have a local advertising agency because it knows the traditions, culture etc rather then international. Foreign advertising agency will not be as much successful as the local is. This is duty of advertising agencies and companies to promote your services and goods across all mediums; they will help you by advertising your product on internet, television, newspapers, radio, surveys, billboards, etc. online marketing method is adopted if you are advertising purely for the online consumers.

Advertisement Should Be On Relevant Website

There are many people who use internet for personal and professional purposes so for that business firms tries to advertise of those websites which are consistently visited. You advertisement should be on relevant website and it should be attractive as well. For example if you are offering mobile repairing services then your ad must be on different mobile technology websites rather then on food and other websites.

Your ad either it is link/banner must be precise and catchy so that visitor must be in suspense to view that and for that you should opt for good and reputed advertising agency which have previous good portfolio. These companies know where your ad will get maximum market exposure and become a business resource. After doing that you don’t have to do anything, only thing is to sit and watch, when you select a good advertising agency they will decide content of ads, design, etc. they know what makes your ad successful and you must give them trust that they will give you best services.

Advertising Agencies & how to find one

We are living in age of aggressive competition, business firms’ needs to utilize the services of advertising agencies so that they can secure a place in market. Business of advertising agency is not a new idea but it evolved a lot during recent times because the market condition is changing rapidly. There are lot of firms who are working online as well as offline, many organizations who working offline previously now they are working online for better outcome of their business goods and services.

You need to hire good and reputed advertising agency or company for advertising your products or services offline as well as online. There are some which only offers online or offline ad service but you need someone which does both. If you want that your services or goods become popular among masses then you must ensure that first of all your target market is aware of goods or services which you are offering and this can be done by good and reputed advertising agency which you hired should give online and offline advertise both services.

Best Advertising Agency Selection

There are a lot of advertising agencies in the market. But here is the point, you cannot hire any agency and let them spend your money so that they can gain experience.

The first thing to see in an advertising agency is where it stands in the market. An agency that has made its reputation among all those competitors in the market has of course the potential to make you stand at a distinguished position among all your competitors in the market so that when your customer takes a look at market to find the best company the first one that comes into his notice will be you.

An agency that just works to complete it is not what a client demands. A good agency always keeps an eye on the market and has the latest updates on the trends in market so they can give the best suited advice to their client. This needs a team comprising of different professionals of different fields like designers, marketing specialists, writers, artists, psychologists, media analysts, researchers etc.

The markets are flooded with advertisers, and advertising has so much influenced the businesses that they spend a pretty amount of money on the advertisements. This excessive advertisement has left the audience with a negative feeling about the advertisement. None shows the slightest interest in the most appealing advertisement just because there is too much advertisement. Now what should replace it is the communication. The agencies will be more successful if they begin to communicate with the audience rather than advertising.

The best feature that an ads company must have is the ever evolving work strategy and tools. Because we are living in an ever evolving world and especially the business world will not be the same after even 2 or 3 years. And it will not be that easy to just adopt the contemporary trends and tools at once at that time, because it’s not about adopting, it’s all about developing and evolving. If an agency works with all these features, then there is no way they let their client down.

Which one is a Good ads Agency

All businesses have some products to sell or some services to offer. And it’s the people out there for whom these services and the products are meant. So now how is a business going to let these people that this business has something useful for them. Because if they don’t know what is being offered, how are they supposed to spend money on it.

This is the job done by the advertisements, in the present day market; advertisement is sometimes a permanent department in large companies. While a company that doesn’t afford to maintain an exclusive department for advertisement, the advertisement agencies are there at their service.

The advertisement agencies do all the work related to advertisement, from developing to producing, and from creative ideas to presenting an advertisement. Once an advertising agency is hired, then it’s the agency’s headache to look after everything that can be put under the department of advertising.

Paid Advertising

In paid advertising the advertiser pay when their ad is click. You can see many example of it on internet; for instance Google search engine have paid advertisements on right site and some of them on top of search results. But now other types of paid advertising are available too. Paid advertising is further divided into these categories. Good advertising agency can help in this…

  •     Pay Per Click (PPC)
  •     Pay Per Impression (PPM)
  •     Pay Per Action (PPA)


Online Advertising Types

Online Advertising Types

Mainly there are two types of online advertising.

  • Paid Advertising
  • Free Advertising

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Offline Advertising

Offline advertising is opposite to online advertising and mediums in these techniques mainly don’t use internet. Offline advertising is very much traditional way of doing advertisement. In this Local magazines, billboard, benches, posters, signs, Flyers,  newspaper, radio and TV comes but popular are last three which are mainly used. Now days all these segments are available online but impact of advertising on these medium offline is different than advertising on these medium online.

These offline advertising medium have different audience numbers. Some of these mediums have huge numbers of viewership like Television so impact of advertising on this medium is huge. For spending money on right advertising agency which know offline advertising technique is important. Which knows the audience impact of advertising on these offline mediums.